In just one GAMECHANGER DAY, at your place or mine, together we will build you a new wordpress website!

Gamechanger Day - Build a WordPress Website with Glenda Nicholls


It's Glenda here, and I've spent several years building wordpress websites, and I actually love doing it.  (I used to work in IT, and I'm a bit of an unusual IT person.  I fit somewhere between the super techy people, and the software users.)

This all started because a couple of friends needed to get going online, and it was all very daunting and potentially very expensive for them – especially when just starting a business and there's no money coming in yet!

So I invented GAMECHANGER DAYS, and after one action packed 12 ish hour day – presto!  Their sites were up and running, with loads of functionality and looking gorgeous.



GAMECHANGER DAYS are for you if you:


  • Need to get a website or blog started for your new business or project.
  • Are cost conscious, and the usual cost of setting up a website and it's related functionality ($3000 – $5000) is a roadblock for you.
  • Want to be able to modify your website, and write your email marketing and social media articles YOURSELF.
  • Want to have CONTROL over your online IP, and avoid unnecessary spending outlays.
  • Prefer to learn in a one to one environment.
  • Feel or know, that with a bit of initial guidance and support, you're smart enough to handle the maintenance of your website, and email marketing yourself.
  • Your website is going to be one that promotes your products and/or services, and may also include a blog.  Or it might be primarily a blog.  It may need an optin form, so that you can build a prospect database (list).  It has up to 8 main menu items, some of which have sub menu items.   (It is not a large complex site, or a site that sells many different products.  That couldn't be done in a day!)  It may need  a  sales process for at least one product or service.


Gamechanger Day - Build a WordPress Website with Glenda Nicholls

 What you will have up and running at completion of a GAMECHANGER DAY :


  • Your website will be live and visible to anyone you tell about it!  The main search engines will have it indexed.
  • Your list building system, and email marketing system (if required) will be set up and tested.
  • Your social media sites will be linked to your website.  (If you currently have no social media sites, we'll set up one.)
  • Your website will have an opt-in form (if required) that is part of the list building process.
  • Your website will have the main pages that it needs.  They will have a small amount of content, which you will continue to build out afterwards.
  • Your website will have some graphics to make it look like a website for starters, and you will know how to update these, after you create new graphics to really make it sing.   (Training on graphic creation is supplied in the members training area.)
  • If required, your website will have the page elements required for a product or service sales process.  Completion of the content of these pages, and the inclusion of a payment method will be done later by you.    (Training is supplied in the members training area.)
  • Your website will have Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capability that you can continue to adjust and work with.
  • Your website will have analytic capability so that you know about your site visitors. 
  • You will know how to navigate the back office – that is – the development area of your website, so that you can make changes, and additions to your website.
  • You will have lifetime access to the members only training area, where I share additional information that you will require going forward.  (This is constantly updated.)



What are your alternatives, to get your website up and running?

Gamechanger Day - Build a WordPress Website with Glenda Nicholls




To DIY, you can purchase courses online, or attend live workshops.   Online courses may be the least expensive way to learn, but usually a lot of time is needed to follow and complete them, and there's lots of little tips and tricks you can miss.  Live workshops will cost more, and while you'll have some knowledge and even maybe some skills, will you have your whole website and it's associated functions?


To outsource the creation of your website, you'll need several thousand dollars, and quite a bit of time discussing content, and preferences.




  1. You apply for a GAMECHANGER DAY, with a description of your business or project, and what you want your website to include, and achieve.

  2. I review your application, and advise whether the GAMECHANGER DAY will suit your requirements.

  3. You pay a 50% deposit, and I outline a list of pre-GAME CHANGER DAY activities which must be done by you, for the day to work.  (I assist with some of these remotely.)

  4. We organize a date and place to do the day.  It can be at my office or your home or office.  It's your choice.  If I need to travel to your place, the travel costs will be added to my fee.

  5. We share an intensely productive GAMECHANGER DAY, after which you have a spiffy new website and we are both exhausted, but happy!

  6. You pay the remaining 50% of the bill.

  7. I give you access to the Members Training area.

  8. I am available by email or phone, as you put the final touches on your website.



What's your investment for a GAMECHANGER DAY

$990  including GST


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