Build your site

We'll build it together! That way you get your website, AND you get trained in how to do it. This means you can continue to work on it, adding new content and making changes, without having to pay or wait every time you need this done.

Ongoing support

Of course you have access to ongoing support by me personally, to get those final tweaks of your just right . This is via email, and online meetings

Online training

You'll have access to my members-only training area, to learn lots of tips and tricks along the way. This will be constantly updated.

Recent Gamechanger Day Results

Some of the latest Website Projects

Build Your Wordpress Website In a Day


Welcome to  Build a WordPress Website. Save thousands, and learn a new skill! Build Your unique website with me in a single day that I call a GAMECHANGER DAY!

Start with Strategy

It's important to know what your overall goal for your website is.  How many different functions do you want it to perform?  How do you want it to be found?  Answers to these questions will determine the layout of your site, and whether to have multiple sites instead or just one.

Fast Start

I show you what to do before we meet for our GAMECHANGER day, so that we can get off to a fast start on the day. So yes – homework before you start with me, and a list of what to research, and bring on the day.

Imagine building your website in a day

Imagine your own beautiful website – built in a day!   Built not for you, but with you, so you know how to work it. All of a sudden – the world knows you're there! For a fraction of the usual price of having it done for you.  

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